Mategamia is a Subsidiary of Martin & Sons Group. With a combined experiences of over 30 years, Mategamia has been the go to solutions for high-quality furniture with material sourced from Indonesia. Our skilled craftsman uses a combination of machine tools and hand-made techniques to produced detailed and precision luxury furniture. We are well known for its high quality, dependability, and competitive pricing.

Mategamia, also a haven for high-quality products, dedicates itself to bring the latest epitomizes exquisite details to the fullest. Your lifetime quest and dreams of an exceptional furnished couture home and businesses are fulfilled at Mategamia. The Company holds its purpose eloquently and bequeaths the ultimate shopping experience to each of its guests as they enter its grand entrance.

We believe skill and depth knowledge of furniture are the main foundation for everyone in this Company. By those strengths and supported with premium design, we will deliver "value" to our customers. We want to create a broad target market not only limited to wholesaler and retailer but also projects including Commercial and Housing.

Mategamia passionate team of designers, managers, and technical advisors are always up for a challenge and happy to serve. We appreciate working closely with our clients, their appointed interior designers, and procurement agents to efficiently process the information presented to us, offering creative solutions and technical advice to help each project meet specification requirements, budgets, and timelines.