Why choose Mategamia| Presenting the best quality and best services for our customers are our main target. We do with neatly, in time, and with a wholehearted to process our product.

Thus, it becomes the right choice to have a business partnership with us, considering the below points:



During production, we are equipped with state of the art machinery. So the manufacturing process will maintain speed, accuracy, and precision while producing your order.



Why choose Mategamia| We have been in the furniture industry for nearly a decade. We create furniture, lighting, and crafts from various materials such as mahogany, mindi, teak, natural rattan, natural fibers, synthetic, and metals in a variety of designs with the support of our professional team. Our loyal customers reach out to several countries across Asia, MiddleEast, Europe, Africa, and America.



Why choose Mategama| We understand that beauty and detailed goods are essential. Therefore, we have a reliable quality control team in every line of our production to make sure the consistency of quality. We are supported with reliable resources to manage production from raw material to the ready product with details.



The abundant natural resources in Indonesia are one of the advantages for our experts to utilize the best and environmentally friendly natural ingredients. With additional artistic touches from our designers’ original ideas that are specially designed through the research and creativity of our R & D team, making these materials become extraordinary works while always maintaining quality. With a collection of product designs of more than 600 series, we are continually creating new products that will not be the same design as other brands—making MATEGAMIA ready to serve requests in the domestic and foreign markets.



Water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf, teak branch, cocoa stick, abaca leaf, stone, wood, and rattan is the primary material of our furniture, lighting, and craft products. Those materials are wasted, with our creativity and brilliant idea we bring into the worldwide product. Our production helps our environment to make wasted materials into a more valuable commodity. Moreover, we use eco-friendly finishing material using a water base as a solvent. Weaving material and finishing paint both are safe for our workers and the environment.



Consultation on a different design is part of our service because we understand what you want from our consumers on a unique and exclusive design.



Why choose Mategamia| We assure you that our price is competitive with other competitors in the market regards to quality. We provide wholesale price with high quality.



Why choose Mategamia| We always give our best services with our best agent. We provide the manner and assist our customers from the very first deal to the end. Also, we are open to further discussion for any complaint about our product.